Bitcoin Weekly Recap 3-25-2016

Bitcoin Weekly Recap 3-25-2016 Owner Ver Challenges Socialist Sanders to Debate

The owner of, Roger Ver, recently challenged self-professed socialist and current Democratic Party candidate for President of the United States Bernie Sanders to a debate. The challenge was issued via video posting on YouTube, and was reportedly motivated by Sanders’ persistent haranguing of wealthy Americans for what the socialist Senator refers to as a failure to pay their “fair share” of the nation’s tax burden.

Ver’s challenge involves a promise to donate Bitcoins totaling some $100,000 in value to charities that would be chosen by the two debate participants. Ver, who publicly renounced his American citizenship in 2014, also takes issue with Sanders criticism of wealthy Americans who give up their citizenship status to avoid U.S. tax obligations, and has said that patriotism is “as disgusting as racism.”

PEY Partners with BitPay to Introduce Bitcoin Payroll to Germany

Last year, PEY partnered with BitPay to introduce Bitcoin payment services to the German marketplace. Now, the two are once again joining forces in an attempt to introduce Bitcoin payroll services to the country. PEY has announced that it will begin the rollout by working with technology publication t3n, providing an opt-in program that will allow that company’s employees to choose to receive their wages in Bitcoin.

The plan provides each participating employee with an added bonus that could be as high as 44 Euros. If the initial efforts prove to be successful, PEY and BitPay have plans to introduce the payroll service to other nations across the globe.

Coinsource Installs Bitcoin ATM in San Francisco

San Francisco’s Mission Groceries was the proud recipient of a new Coinsource GenesisCoin Bitcoin ATM this week. The machine is the third Bitcoin ATM installed in San Francisco, and will enjoy a prime location right in the city’s heart on Mission Street. It is also the only such machine currently scheduled for availability on a daily basis.

The GenesisCoin ATM is the first ATM installed in San Francisco by Coinsource, and will offer customers low fee rates for their Bitcoin purchases, with the company’s promise of convenient, secure, and simple transactions that are compatible with the full range of Bitcoin mobile wallets.

FISCO Plans New Bitcoin Exchange

Japanese investment support firm FISCO recently announced its intent to launch its own Bitcoin exchange service, called Fisco Coin. The news comes as months of debate at the highest level of Japan’s government about how the nation should deal with digital currency issues have produced an agreement that now awaits Parliament’s approval.

FISCO’s planned exchange is being launched with the expectation that the emerging Japanese consensus on cryptocurrency technology has the nation poised to become a powerful player in the industry. As a result, Fisco Coin’s services are expected to expand into areas such as financial derivatives, crowdfunding, and bond issuance as Bitcoin begins to gain greater acceptance throughout Japan.

New Code Valley Platform Makes it Easier for Developers to Earn Bitcoin

A new project launched by Code Valley may enable would-be Bitcoin developers to more easily earn Bitcoin as they make contributions to a variety of software projects. The project involves a new development platform that is designed to create an actual automated marketplace for development of software, enabling users to retain intellectual property even as they earn Bitcoin for their contributions.

Developers who use the platform are provided with an automated assistant when they create their own vendor. That vendor not only protects the developer’s intellectual property, but also carries out all design decisions on his or her behalf. As new vendors enter the marketplace, other developers can contract them for whatever functionality they need in the development of their own applications.


Author: Ken Chase

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