Blockchain Voting Firm Voatz Weighs in on Dem IA Caucus Debacle






In the aftermath of Iowa Democrats’ Monday night caucus debacle, the state’s party officials quickly blamed glitches in a result-tabulating app for the party’s inability to provide quick voting results to the public. On Tuesday, blockchain voting firm Voatz released a statement noting that the Shadow-developed app used by the Iowa Democrats was not in any way representative of the mobile voting blockchain-based apps can facilitate.

Voatz began by claiming that the company was not familiar with Shadow’s technology or products, and thus could not comment on it. The mobile voting firm also confirmed that it had no role in the Iowa caucuses, but noted that the Shadow-designed app appears to have been used for gathering and tabulating voter results, rather than empowering mobile voting:

To make the distinction abundantly clear, Voatz is a mobile elections platform built to ensure an accessible, secure voting method for groups that otherwise face difficulties with the voting options currently available (i.e. overseas citizens, deployed military, and voters with disabilities).


We’ve been in the industry for nearly 5 years and have run more than 50 safe and secure elections. Our approach is to build our technology in a deliberate, step-by-step manner through well-designed pilots. We work closely with partnering jurisdictions to ensure a voter-verified, auditable paper trail, and rigorously evaluate the technology’s resilience and progress along the way.


Author: Walter Windthrop

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