Blockchain Weekly Recap 11-12-2016

Blockchain Weekly Recap 11-12-2016


WEF Blockchain Working Group to be Chaired by Estonia’s Former President

Former Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves is reportedly one of the co-chairs of a new working group created by the World Economic Forum. That group is being called the Global Futures Council on Blockchain Technology, and is having its first gathering this week in Dubai. According to information released by the WEF, the Council’s focus will be trained primarily on issues related to blockchain governance models. The group’s other co-chair will be Jamie Smith from BitFury. Other members of the Council include two central bank officers – Ma Jun from the People’s Bank of China, and Bank of England’s Claire Sunderland Hay – as well as industry representatives from companies like Ripple and Everledger. The financial industry is also well-represented with personnel from Deutsche Bank, Barclays, and other notable firms.

R3 and MAS Partner for Singapore Blockchain Lab

Blockchain firm R3 has partnered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, or MAS, to create the R3 Asia Lab in that nation. The lab has the support of the MAS in its effort to empower banks and other financial institutions in Singapore to more easily collaborate on blockchain-oriented solutions. R3 Asia Lab will also be open to visiting experts in the field of distributed ledger tech, as well as business leaders and other innovators. Outside observers have noted that this is just the latest in R3’s effort to expand its activities in Asia. Meanwhile, Singapore continues to build on its emerging status as a go-to destination for FinTech innovation.

Digital Asset Holdings’ New Blockchain Tech Could Connect Large Banks

A newly released piece of blockchain technology from Digital Asset Holdings is being advertised as an innovation that could someday enhance connections between the globe’s large banks and other financial institutions. The new product, called Global Synchronization Log (GSL) was unveiled at the end of last week and offers a modular approach to providing a foundation for implementing distributed ledger systems. According to company officials, the new technology also offers improvements to the company’s smart contract offerings.

Moscow Hosts Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Russia

Late this week, Moscow was ground zero for the 2016 Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Russia. The event was scheduled for November 10, 2016, and was expected to host a variety of representatives from the Fintech sector, with IBM, QIWI, Microsoft and Sberbank slated to have personnel in attendance. The gathered VIPs came to explore the various challenges facing the industry, while gaining more exposure to the current state of blockchain innovation within the Russian nation.

The conference is an important step for Russia, particularly in light of that country’s somewhat uncertain stance on issues related to digital currency and the technology that makes it possible. Speakers at the conference were expected to cover topics that include how Russia might enact responsible blockchain and cryptocurrency legislation, and the exciting projects currently underway in the financial industry. Reports from the conference have been slow to arrive, so we’ll keep you updated as more news emerges.

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