Blockchain Weekly Recap 11-7-2015


Blockchain Weekly Recap 11-7-2015


Toronto Stock Exchange Welcomes First Blockchain Firm.

For the first time, a blockchain company has managed to obtain a listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange’s VentureBoard. Canadian startup Blockchain Tech Ltd recently joined the Exchange, using the tracker BTL. The company is positioning itself within the global FinTech revolution by offering solutions that help financial institutions incorporate blockchain technology in their payment and transaction services. Along with the new listing, the company has also unveiled its new Interbit remittance service platform, which is designed to lower the conversion and transaction costs associated with international remittances.

Dotcom Links Blockchain to Decentralized Net.

Embattled MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom recently revealed more details about his vision for a new, decentralized internet that he is calling MegaNet. According to Dotcom - who is still waging an extradition battle to avoid standing trial in the United States for criminal copyright infringement charges, his new blockchain and smartphone-based internet solution would offer a path forward to a more decentralized internet that would free users from government spying while providing greater privacy and identity protection.

The plan is to utilize the blockchain for data exchange, and do so without the need for IP addresses that identify unique devices. The intent is to encrypt the system using extremely long keys to protect against intrusion by governments or others who might seek to crack the system of reverse-engineer. Dotcom plans to make the MegaNet app available for smartphone download sometime next year.

Odessa Possible Site for Blockchain E-Governance Project.

Odessa Oblast, a province located in the southwestern part of Ukraine on the Black Sea could become the very first government administrative center using blockchain technology for its administrative functions. A memorandum to that effect has reportedly been signed by officials, and an official declaration of intent will be made in a nationally-televised announcement. While many of the details are still being worked out, the current plan is for localized IT personnel to assist in the development of a strategy that will utilize some form of blockchain technology for everything from the issuance of official documents to banking, record-keeping, and other centralized governmental responsibilities.

Follow My Vote Ready to Unveil Blockchain Voting Solution.

For some time now, those who advocate on behalf of online voting in political elections have been stymied due to concerns over ensuring the integrity of the voting process. Now, the blockchain is increasingly being seen as a potential solution to that problem. Software startup Follow My Vote has been working to improve the integrity of the world’s voting systems, and unveils its blockchain-powered online voting program during this week’s Web Summit 2015 in Dublin. That software, which relies on blockchain technology to provide verifiable security through an open-source system that can be independently audited by any interested party - unlike most of the controversial voting machines in use today.

Santander to Launch Blockchain Startup Competition.

Spanish banking group Santander has plans to host an event that will serve as a competition for blockchain startup companies. Along with its event partner, crowdfunding site Onevest, Santander’s venture capital fund InnoVentures is launching the competition to find and offer support to new companies that are focused on providing blockchain solutions for financial services. The event is to be held in New York in January 2016, with the eventual winner of the competition receiving a prize package that includes $15,000 in funding and assistance with efforts to obtain additional investment capital.

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