Blockchain Weekly Recap 12-12-2015

Blockchain Weekly Recap 12-12-2015


Equibit Founder on Blockchain OTC Market

In an interview with Coin Telegraph, Equibit’s founder and CEO Chris Horlacher offered some insight into his expectations regarding the types of benefits and products the company’s Equibit platform is expected to offer investors and securities issuers. His latest musings come just a little over a week after the Equibit Development Corporation (EDC) unveiled a new platform update that included several new applications.

The Equibit market platform will use the blockchain to facilitate securities trading, eliminate broker fees, and create billions in savings. The recently announced apps include the Core miner app that allows users to establish their own node to mine for Equibits, the Invester wallet for transaction management and research, and the Issuer app for raising capital. Equibit is expected to launch in early 2016.

Infosys to Add 250 Jobs in Ireland

Infosys has announced expansion plans that will dramatically increase its workforce in Ireland. The Indian software company’s growth in Ireland will include adding 95 jobs at its R&D center, while also opening a second center employing 155 IT professionals to service Infosys customers. Research and development will be focused on FinTech, and will occur in an environment designed for open innovation in technical areas such as analytics and the blockchain.

The company currently employs more than 250 people in Ireland, so this new expansion will effectively double Infosys’ workforce. As Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD (Ireland’s Prime Minister) noted while announcing the news, “This is a vote of confidence in Ireland, our great workforce and our reputation as a hub for technology and innovation.”

Stampery Brings Blockchain Benefits to Lawyers

The notarization startup Stampery is apparently in the process of revolutionizing how lawyers deal with documents. Though it has been in release for little more than a month now, the blockchain-based service is already demonstrating its usefulness for recording and managing sensitive records that include data sets ranging from documents to emails, images, and more.

According to the company’s CEO, Daniele Levi, the beneficiaries of these services include the aforementioned legal professionals, as well as individuals and companies seeking to establish ownership rights over creative and intellectual property. In remarks to the International Business Times UK, Levi cited examples that demonstrate how lawyers are now able to simply drop zip files to Stampery to take advantage of the system’s ability to provide concrete proof of when any given documents were received - a dramatic improvement over standard notary services.

Future updates to the Stampery service will include an email flagging feature that uses blockchain records to confirm not only the transmission of an email, but a record of when the recipient opened it as well. Other features will include email options that enable users to click buttons that signify agreement with certain areas of content. More developments are sure to follow as the service gains in popularity.

Russia’s Sberbank Gives Nod to Blockchain

Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia, has announced its interest in adopting blockchain solutions, with one officer on its Management Board suggesting that the financial giant is ready to move as soon as R3’s blockchain consortium finalizes protocols and standards for implementing the technology. First Deputy Chairman Leve Khasis has asserted that Sberbank intends to be among the first to implement these new solutions when the industry eventually reaches consensus regarding how the technology should be used.

Even as he the blockchain’s usefulness for internal bank transaction settlements, cost savings, and increased transaction speeds, Khasis left little doubt about the bank’s lack of interest in Bitcoin or any other digital currencies. As he noted, the Russian central bank’s position with respect to cryptocurrency remains overtly hostile, and an outright ban that could include prison sentences for Bitcoin users is still being debated.

Imogen Heap Praises Blockchain

As a songwriter and singer, Imogen Heap has received critical acclaim and even won a Grammy Award. Many blockchain enthusiasts may remember her as the artist who released the song “Tiny Human” on the Ethereum blockchain back in October. That song launch was intended to test the technology as a platform for empowering music artists. This week, Heap participated in a tech panel in London, and offered some lofty praise for blockchain technology.

At the TechCrunch Disrupt London venue, the singer predicted a coming revolution among artists that would involve using technologies like the blockchain to leverage smart contracts and other tools to gain greater control over their works. She envisioned the blockchain as potentially providing the platform music artists need to gain more control over payment to ensure that their industry becomes one that secures fair trade for artists.

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