Blockchain Weekly Recap 5-21-2016

Blockchain Weekly Recap 5-21-2016


IBM’s Blockchain Service on Bluemix Launches in Beta

IBM recently announced the beta launch of its Blockchain service for the Bluemix platform, which includes a number of new features added since the initial version was unveiled at InterConnect 2016. The new service is designed to make it easier for users to use the blockchain for application development, without the need to manually set up an environment conductive to development. The beta version of the company’s Blockchain service includes a new transaction view, integrated Swagger user interface, and the ability to implement chaincode directly from the user’s dashboard.

The beta launch is just the latest move in IBM’s effort to bring blockchain technology closer to full commercial readiness. The company’s Bluemix cloud platform provides an avenue for developers to create, monitor, and test a wide variety of distributed ledger applications, while providing them with the tools they need to explore new concepts in an open standards environment.

Bitland Blockchain Initiative Offers Land Registration System for Ghana

In a recent press release, Denmark-based Bitland touted the company’s efforts to assist the people of Ghana with their efforts to better facilitate land registration in the country. The Bitland initiative is designed to provide the nation’s citizens and groups with the opportunity to record land survey and title deed information on the company’s blockchain to ensure permanent, transparent, and secure records. The pilot program has been launched in 28 communities, and Bitland expects to expand the effort throughout Africa.

In addition to providing the area’s citizens with a new awareness about the blockchain, Bitland’s initiative will also help local areas clarify land ownership issues, limit corruption by safely securing title deed records, and release capital that can then be used to develop the infrastructure these areas need to escape crushing poverty. To facilitate that process, the release announced that the company intends to construct solar-powered hubs to empower Bitland’s own wireless network.

BTC Media Hosting St Louis Blockchain Conference in June

Distributed Bitcoin Magazine publisher BTC Media will soon be hosting the Distributed Trade Bitcoin and blockchain conference in St. Louis, Missouri. The June 12-14 event will be held at Washington University, and will be attended by notables like Bloq’s Jeff Garzik, Gem’s Micah Winkelspecht, and others. Presentations will focus on financial services blockchain apps, trade networks, and payment services. The conference will also feature a 24-hour hackathon that will offer developers a full day to design supply chain and financial services prototypes that could win prizes ranging in value from $2,500 to $20,000 in Bitcoins.

Data Protection Firm Acronis Invests in Blockchain

In an apparent first for the data protection industry, Singapore-based Acronis is investing in blockchain technology. The company has announced the unveiling of a secure data time-stamp prototype that could be invaluable for protecting sensitive records such as medical information, stock transactions, police video, and anything that requires a chain of evidence. The company’s newly formed blockchain department is currently exploring a variety of ways in which distributed ledger technology could be used to better manage data storage, while providing increased security.

ANX Unveils New No-Cost Blockchain Services

Blockchain developer ANX International recently announced the launch of what it has termed a “revolutionary global online platform” that the company intends to make freely available to application developers. CEO Ken Lo has reportedly acknowledged that the company’s blockchain platform has been tested over the last year by a number of the firm’s clients. According to Lo, the new ANX Blockchain Services (ABS) should help companies and individuals to avoid the expense and learning curve involved in setting up their own blockchain networks to accommodate their development needs.

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