BTC Inc. Announces Distributed: Markets Conference to be Held in February

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BTC Inc. announced this week that it will be holding its first-ever Distributed: Markets blockchain conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta, Georgia, on February 27. The one-day event is expected to include more than four dozen speakers from around the world, and will offer five keynote presentations and fifteen other sessions that will focus attention on distributed ledger technology’s role in various sectors of the economy like payments, insurance, capital markets, and digital assets. According BTC Inc., the goal of the event will be to facilitate interaction between stakeholders to help develop the framework necessary for greater adoption of this technology. Program Director Tyler Evans described BTC’s objective for the conference:

“As distributed ledger technology continues to build momentum and dominate the conversations in fintech, partnerships between legacy financial institutions and blockchain trailblazers will be vital. Our goal is to make Distributed: Markets the platform for that to occur."

Organizers are anticipating that more than 500 people will be in attendance, which will provide the conference with an invaluable opportunity to facilitate the type of relationship-building that is necessary to continue progress toward greater global acceptance of the blockchain. During the conference, those attendees will be afforded an opportunity to learn, network with others in and outside of their industries, and share and collaborate with one another. The event will be preceded by a 24-hour hackathon, where participants will have one day to develop and demo their own blockchain application in hopes of winning the hackathon’s cash prize.

Author: Ken Chase

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