CardRates Article Focuses on DNotes’ Mission to Become World’s Trusted Digital Currency






An article appearing on today featured the DNotes digital currency and highlighted its mission of becoming the world’s trusted digital currency. That article focused on founder Alan Yong’s goal of achieving mass adoption for the currency as a supplement to fiat currencies around the world and noted the company’s efforts to create a comprehensive ecosystem to support its mission.

Author Matt Walker cited Yong’s entrepreneurial history and record as a tech innovator in the tablet computer industry and recounted how he first decided to enter the cryptocurrency industry after recognizing its world-transforming potential. He also noted the DNotes commitment to building trust for its digital currency, and how the company’s ecosystem plays a critical role in that process. He quoted Yong, who said:

“For the last five years, DNotes has been relentlessly building a family of critical ecosystems essential for mass adoption of digital currency. Everything that we do is predicated on building an inclusive trusted digital currency with a purpose — to change the world for the better for everyone.”

Walker’s piece described elements of that ecosystem like the DNotes Vault, as well as the company’s plans to establish its own cryptocurrency exchange, bank partnerships, multi-currency cards, and more. The author also focused attention on HERo, a female-empowerment and entrepreneurial support platform that encourages women to become more involved with cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and digital currency.

For more, read DNotes: The Crypto Focused on Becoming a Truly Global and Trusted Digital Currency to Supplement Fiat Transactions.


Author: Ken Chase

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