China Reportedly Censoring Online Posts Critical of Blockchain Technology







The government of China is moving to censor online posts that are critical of blockchain technology, The Independent reports. The reported effort to remove negative claims about the technology comes as the communist nation continues to prepare for the anticipated launch of its national digital currency.

For China, such censorship is anything but unusual. The country has relied on its Great Firewall of China to exercise control over much of what its citizenry sees online, and routinely censors and monitors its citizens' online activities. Sites like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Google have all been blocked by the government.

Still, the latest move to ban negative claims about technology would seem to be a notable shift in the communist government’s approach to the nascent industry. In recent years, China has used its tight control over online information to censor social media posts related to digital currency and the technology. In the wake of President Xi Jinping’s recent call for more rapid blockchain adoption, however, the government is adopting a more aggressive pro-blockchain position:

The U-turn was revealed by CNLedger, a cryptocurrency news resource that focuses on developments in China. It noted that adverts for blockchain courses had begun appearing on popular apps and social media sites in the country, adding that "articles saying blockchain technology is a scam are now banned.”

Author: Ken Chase

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