Coinbase Wallet Adds Support for Ethereum Classic




Coinbase has announced that its Coinbase Wallet will now provide support for Ethereum Classic (ETC). The company’s blog announcement confirmed that the wallet app is expected to update “in the next few days.”

According to Coinbase:

With this asset launch, Coinbase Wallet now supports Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and all of the 100,000+ ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. As part of our mission to be the easiest and most trusted crypto wallet, we plan to add support for even more blockchains in the future.

In addition to its current blockchain support, Coinbase Wallet has plans to add support for BTC, BCH, and LTC in the near future.

The app will use existing customers’ ETH address for their ETC address, which the company says will ensure that any Ethereum Classic previously sent to those Coinbase Wallet ETH addresses will “show up after the update.”

Coinbase Wallet is the latest evolution of the company’s Toshi wallet product, developed more than a year ago. When the company announced Coinbase Wallet in August, it did so with lofty goals in mind:

We’re redefining what you should expect a crypto wallet to be. Coinbase Wallet is more than just a tool to access your cryptocurrency — we view it as your home-base for exploring the decentralized web and its possibilities.


Author: Ken Chase

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