Coinnest Exchange Asks Users to Return Funds Mistakenly Sent in Bungled Airdrop







Last week, South Korean digital currency exchange Coinnest mistakenly airdropped more than $5 million worth of cryptocurrency and Korean won to its customers, according to reports from Coindesk. Now, the exchange is asking those users to return the funds as it takes steps to roll back the erroneous transactions.

The airdrop was originally intended to send those customers We Game Tokens (WGT), but a computer glitch apparently caused the exchange’s systems to deliver Bitcoin, other cryptocurrency, and fiat assets to users instead. Reports suggest that the company’s “server issues” were corrected this weekend, and company officials have indicated that they will execute a transaction rollback to recover assets.

According to Coindesk:

As of Jan. 19, about half of the won was returned.


Some traders who received bitcoin instead of WGT reportedly sold their new holdings immediately, causing bitcoin’s price to flash-crash to $50.

Author: Ken Chase

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