Cryptopia Announces Results of Effort to Improve Customer Support

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Digital currency exchange Cryptopia has reported that the company is making great strides in its efforts to ramp up and improve customer support. In an online post from CEO Alan Booth, Cryptopia revealed that its efforts have resulted in an 80% reduction in the number of support ticket submissions and a 71% reduction in response time by its support team.

Booth also promised that the company will continue to strive for even better customer service results, and said that its initial targets are within reach:

“We are committed to further improvements in this area but at this stage, we are on track to meet our target of a 72 hour response time within the next fortnight.”

The announcement will come as welcome news to exchange customers. Like most other digital currency exchanges, Cryptopia has struggled to keep pace with the massive influx of new customers and trading activity that began in 2017. Many exchanges discovered that their support infrastructure was inadequate to meet that rising demand. And since the digital currency industry is in its youth, it has taken time to address support shortcomings.

Booth’s message also sought to reassure customers that the exchange’s efforts to improve support have had no impact on its coin listings team, since those issues are handled by separate groups.

He also acknowledged the difficulty that media representatives have experienced when trying to contact Cryptopia in the past, and extended an invitation for journalists and others to contact him to discuss news related to the company:

“We welcome any opportunity to ensure fair and equitable reporting of the facts and appreciate that it has been difficult to contact us in the past but we are committed to an open dialogue.”

Author: Ken Chase

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