Digital Currency Weekly Recap 2-14-2016

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Digital Currency Weekly Recap 2-14-2016


Business School Interest in Cryptocurrency Prompts Partnerships, Curriculum Additions

Increased digital currency interest from students at many universities is leading to new partnerships between business schools, financial firms, and companies on the cutting edge of FinTech innovation. As the era of electronic money continues to emerge, schools like London’s Imperial College, NYU, and Duke are taking steps to prepare students for this new phase in global finance and technology. From research partnerships with companies like Citigroup and MasterCard to Bitcoin clubs and formal blockchain courses, many universities are racing to adapt to these changes and provide their students with the skills they’ll need as these technologies shape the marketplace of the future.

Ripple Founder Legal Dispute Ends with Settlement

According to news reported on the Ripple forums, the legal battle between Ripple and founder Jed McCaleb has been brought to a close. The dispute centered on ownership and control over 100 million XRP, as well as Ripple’s allegations that McCaleb had violated an agreement that defined the manner in which he could sell his own XRP reserves. Under the terms of the settlement agreement, McCaleb sold his personal equity in Ripple, and agrees to a structured sale of his remaining XRP.

Decred Launched by Former Bitcoin Developers

Bitcoin product developer Company O launched the Decred cryptocurrency on Monday, making it the latest in a long line of altcoins entering the market. The coin was created by a group of Chicago developers who had previously been involved with Bitcoin, and was launched in an attempt to provide an even more decentralized alternative to the world’s most well-known digital currency.

CryptoWoo Payment System Launches

Online merchants who want to accept cryptocurrency payments, but who have been concerned about some of the drawbacks associated with using many third-party payment providers, may now have the solution they’ve been waiting for. A new payment plug-in called CryptoWoo has just launched, and the results of its twelve months of real-world testing suggest that its secure and seamless system should provide WordPress webshop owners with the tool they need to begin accepting Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and LiteCoin.

Coin Center Raises More than $1 Million for Lobbying Efforts

Cryptocurrency industry lobbying Coin Center announced that it has received more than $1 million in funding to finance its planned activities in 2016. Donations were received from a number of individuals, as well as from entities like Blockstream,, Digital Currency Group, and others. Coin Center plans to use the funding to continue its effort to educate public officials about the industry, and work with policymakers to avoid the type of regulatory actions that could inhibit growth and innovation.

Emercoin Partnership with OpenLedger Designed to Create New Synergies

OpenLedger recently announced a new partnership with Emercoin, in a move that is designed to foster increased innovation and synergy within the blockchain and cryptocurrency universe. Together, the firms believe that they can more effectively provide the market with new concepts and products and drive innovation. The envisioned synergies include the creation of a new currency they are calling UIA that will be backed by collateral in the form of a tangible asset, the deployment of a shared blockchain on OpenLedger. The partners are also exploring the possibility of integrating Emercoin tools within the OpenLedger platform.

February Challenge Contest from DigiByte

DigiByte is conducting a challenge contest throughout the month of February that could net the winner a top prize of 250,000 DGB. To participate, all you have to do is post about any of the primary DigiByte Services on your social media accounts. For more details about his contest, visit the DigiByteGroup website.

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