Digital Currency Weekly Recap 4-17-2016

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Digital Currency Weekly Recap 4-17-2016


Treacher to Join Ripple Team

Financial settlements leader Ripple recently announced that the company has hired Marcus Treacher to serve as its Global Head of Strategic Accounts. Treacher most recently served as the Global Head of Payments Innovation at HSBC, leading the effort to fin and apply FinTech solutions for a variety of customer needs. He also has extensive experience navigating the various industries, government channels, and organizations that together work to define and implement new financial practices.

Treacher is being assigned to the company’s London headquarters, and will be responsible for shepherding Ripple’s FinTech projects, with an emphasis on commercialization around the world. Ripple CEO Chris Larsen offered high praise for the hiring:

“Marcus brings a tremendous amount of experience working within financial institutions to implement and create better systems for payments, and we’re proud to have him join our team. Throughout his career he’s created new roles and initiatives to help banks stay ahead of the trends, and his insights and expertise will be invaluable as we help our customers improve the way value moves around the world.”

ADCCA Prepares for May Unveiling of Industry Code of Conduct

As Igot customers continue to be unable to move their money from the troubled Australian bitcoin exchange, and company investors pursue their legal options, the Australian Digital Currency and Commerce Association (ADCCA) has waded into the controversy. In a recent press release, the organization expressed its concern for customers involved in the matter while noting that the situation could have been avoided if Igot had been subject to the new Code of Conduct that ADCCA will unveil next month.

NetCents Reveals New Multi-Currency Cryptocurrency Wallet

Payments platform NetCents recently announced the development of a digital wallet designed to accept both cryptocurrency and fiat currencies. The multi-currency wallet will provide real-time transactions using technology designed to adapt and accommodate new cryptocurrencies as they enter the marketplace. The system has been streamlined to ensure simplicity of use, privacy, and wallet security.

Crypto Exchange ShapeShift Claims Inside Job

After last week announcing that its digital currency exchange had been hacked, ShapeShift this week revealed that it believes the incident was an inside job. Company CEO Eric Voorhees made the claim in a blog post, and asserted that the hacking attack was facilitated by one of the firm’s former employees. The company continues its efforts to resolve refund requests, and has announced that it will provide a more complete accounting of the attack at some point in the future.

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