Digital Currency Weekly Recap 9-11-2016

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Digital Currency Weekly Recap 9-11-2016


Kashcoin Launches for Music Industry

In a press release last weekend, Kashcoin announced that it was launching a new cryptocurrency that would be focused on serving the needs of the music industry. Available on digital currency exchanges under the symbol KASH, the new currency is designed to be used by music lovers as they buy apparel, music, and other music-related merchandise. In addition, the coin’s supporters will also have an opportunity to receive a variety of benefits that are only available for Kashcoin users.

The cryptocurrency is the brainchild of DJ Lethal (Leor Dimant), whose involvement in the music industry includes work with bands like House of Pain and Limp Bizkit. Dimant’s partner in the venture, Justin Lally, has noted that the goal of the project is to not to increase merchant adoption of digital currency, but to actively work with those merchants to provide them with the tools they need to integrate this currency into their existing platforms.

New Paper Calls for More Scottish FinTech Adoption

In a recently released paper, the Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow’s Centre of Financial Regulation and Innovation is recommending that Scotland accelerate its adoption of FinTech innovation and potentially even adopt its own cryptocurrency. In that paper, the authors argue that a failure to adopt new financial technologies could result in the loss of as many as 14,000 Scottish jobs in the coming decade. They also suggest that FinTech adoption could create up to 15,000 new Scottish jobs.

Nxt Foundation Joins Hyperledger

In a recent announcement, the Nxt Foundation has revealed that it is now a Hyperledger Project Associate member. The Foundation’s membership makes it the first altcoin foundation to partner with the Hyperledger project. Nxt describes itself as a decentralized blockchain platform dedicated to improving upon first-generation digital currency innovations. It includes the NXT cryptocurrency, as well as a variety of other features. According to one Foundation board member, involvement with the Hyperledger Project will provide Nxt with a greater ability to influence blockchain standards and applications as the next phase of the technology’s development takes shape.

Startup Drops on Crackle: Watch it Now

If you’re like me and stuck in a state of perpetual gloom and despair while you await the next season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, then chances are that you’re looking for entertainment that doesn’t involve yet another police procedural, cheesy sitcom, or reality show. After all, the current presidential campaign seems to be providing more than its share of all three of those types of entertainment – if you know what I mean. Well, if you want something a little different, and are intrigued at the thought of seeing digital currency addressed in a sober and mature manner, the streaming service Crackle might have just the thing for you: a new show called StartUp.

The show’s central premise focuses on fictional young tech genius Izzy Morales’ creation of a cryptocurrency called GenCoin, which she promotes as a revolutionary innovation that can change the world. Sound familiar yet? This is no rehash of the creation of digital currency, however, but a multi-layered drama that draws together tech visionaries, Miami gangs, a tough FBI agent, bankers and more in a thrilling storyline that may have many viewers eager to learn more about cryptocurrency’s potential. One early scene in which Izzy explains the change potential of her creation to a group of skeptical investors touches on many of the same concepts we’ve discussed many times here at DCEBrief.

The first ten episodes are available for streaming even now. Registration is free and takes only about a minute of your time. If you’re looking for something a little different, check it out now.

Author: Ken Chase

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