DNotes 2.0 Upgraded CRISP Retirement Plan Delivers First Payments to Stakeholders


DNotes Global Inc. has announced that the upgraded DNotes 2.0 CRISP program has successfully delivered its first payments to DNotes stakeholders. The payments were delivered on June 10 to DNotesVault users who had stored coins in the secure DNotes vault from April 30 to June 3, 2018.

DNotes Global reported that the first CRISP program payments delivered a total of 739,157.3210509 DNotes to those stakeholder accounts.

The company’s innovative Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plan was first introduced several years ago but received a significant upgrade when DNotes Global launched the new DNotes 2.0 coin earlier this year. The original CRISP plans provided interest payments to users based on coins that they held in designated retirement plan accounts. The new plan pays interest on all DNotes held in the vault during any payment period.

According to a company spokesperson, the new program will calculate CRISP payments after every 43,200 blocks – which occurs roughly every 30 days. Payments to individual accounts are then made 10,080 blocks after that target is met – approximately one week later.

In an online message to the DNotes community, DNotes Global CEO Alan Yong reported that the DNotes blockchain executed the CRIPS reward payments “flawlessly.” He also reiterated the company’s commitment to ensuring that DNotes benefits its stakeholders and the world, and stressed the important innovation that the CRISP program represents:

“DNotesVault with its proven CRISP reward is clearly a cut above anything else that may be remotely close in concept. We have a lot to be proud of. And this is just the beginning.”

Author: Ken Chase

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