DNotes Global Announces New Electrum DNotes Wallet




DNotes Global Inc today announced the launch of its new lite wallet, Electrum DNotes Wallet. According to information provided on the company’s website, the new lite wallet enables DNotes users to manage their wallet holdings and transactions more quickly and efficiently – and without downloading the DNotes blockchain.

DNotes Global Chief Technology Officer Theodore Hauenstein confirmed that the wallet offers users a wide range of easy-to-use capabilities. Stakeholders will be able to create multiple wallets as needed, and choose the security options that they use to manage their transactions:

“With the DNotes Electrum wallet, there is no need to download the DNotes blockchain, which is something many of our stakeholders are sure to appreciate. More importantly, though, this wallet combines simplicity and rapid use with the security options today’s digital currency users need to protect their holdings.”

DNotes users will continue to be able to rely on the innovative DNotesVault for their cold storage needs, as well as the traditional desktop wallet option. Those users who want a simplified and quicker way to manage their wallet can opt for the Electrum DNotes wallet, however. According to the company, that new wallet option will eventually provide other important benefits – including seamless integration with DNotes payment system and new invoicing features.

The Electrum DNotes wallet can be downloaded from the DNotes website, with options for Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. Alternatively, users can simply download the wallet from the Google Play Store.

DNotes Global CEO Alan Yong noted that the company’s effort to obtain mass acceptance and adoption of the DNotes digital currency continues to gain steam. He also stressed his company’s commitment to ensuring that DNotes fulfills the true promise of digital currency:

“DNotes is determined to provide the leadership that our industry needs to effectively bring the benefits of digital currency to the world. This is the real world, and it takes leadership to make things happen.


There are billions of people around the globe who need greater financial inclusion and self-empowerment. The DNotes digital currency can and will provide those benefits, as a trusted and inclusive supplemental digital currency accessible by people everywhere.”

Author: Ken Chase

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