DNotes Global Announces New Website Launch




DNotes Global, Inc. has announced the launch of a new website that will host information about the company, its vision, and its plan to achieve its goal of mass adoption for the DNotes digital currency. The new site will also provide DNotes users, investors and business partners quick access to the company’s pitch deck and the DNotes white paper.

According to company representatives, DNotes Global, Inc was launched to create, nurture, and maintain the rich ecosystem needed to facilitate mass acceptance and adoption of DNotes as a trusted supplemental digital currency. The for-profit enterprise is a central component in the company’s plans for achieving those goals, serving as a vehicle for promoting and protecting the DNotes currency while also providing intrinsic value for the coin.

In a press release announcing the site’s launch, DNotes Global, Inc. co-founder and CEO Alan Yong describes the task of achieving mass acceptance of digital currency as “one of the biggest challenges of our generation.” The company’s website, white paper, and pitch deck release are a clear signal that DNotes Global, Inc. is accelerating its efforts to meet and overcome that challenge.

The announcement also references DNotes Global’s unique strategy for fulfilling digital currency’s promise:

“[T]he DNotes Global approach is based upon the company’s belief that mass acceptance and adoption of digital currency is not something that will be achieved without some proactive effort to make it happen. The DNotes strategy for accomplishing that objective involves the creation of an integrated ecosystem focused on building bridges between the decentralized world of digital currency – and its many services and benefits – and the real world centralized economy.”

Author: Ken Chase

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