DNotesEDU Announces Release of Cryptocurrency Industry Insight Report




DNotesEDU has announced the release of its Global Digital Currency Industry Insight Report, a 45-page examination of the cryptocurrency industry that covers a broad range of blockchain and crypto-related technologies, trends, and potential risks.

DNotesEDU co-founder and report author Brandon Cheliak described the report in a press release:

"Our industry insight report is the perfect jumping off point for investors, executives, and government officials who need a well-rounded perspective of the industry prior to increasing their involvement."

The Industry Insight Report addresses virtually every area of the emerging crypto industry, including development trends, product innovation and applications, exchange trends and areas of risk, and vulnerabilities in a variety of areas. The report also provides an overview of regulatory and law enforcement concerns related to everything from trading schemes to ICO fraud.

There are also sections devoted to crypto education, brand trust, and other mass adoption concerns, and chapters that focus on the FinTech revolution, supporting infrastructure, and issues related to corporate involvement with and integration of blockchain technology.

According to the press release:

Mr. Cheliak offers advice throughout the 45 page report on how to avoid the same mistakes that many of his industry peers made in developing their cryptocurrency business, or integrating cryptocurrency into their existing business. The report gives readers a first hand look at the inner workings of the global digital currency industry, and what are presumed to be the key drivers of growth.

The DNotesEDU Global Digital Currency Industry Insight Report is available for purchase on the DNotesEDU website. Purchases can be made using either PayPal or DNotes Pay.



Author: Ken Chase

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