Elementus Claims Cryptopia Still Being Hacked







New Zealand Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange has been offline for more than two weeks now, after acknowledging that it had suffered a hacking attack resulting in “significant losses.” According to a recent blog post from blockchain analytics company Elementus, however, the exchange’s offline status doesn’t appear to have deterred the hackers, who have  continued to steal ether from Cryptopia wallets:

After going dormant for many days following the prior $16 million heist, the Cryptopia hacker started up again today, siphoning an additional 1,675 ETH (worth about $180k at today's market rates) from an another 17k Cryptopia wallets.


Among the wallets affected are the 1,948 at-risk wallets we identified previously, some of which have continued to accrue funds as recently as today. The list also includes over 5,000 wallets that had already been drained in the original hack, but have since been topped up, presumably by unknowing Cryptopia users.

Elementus said its analysis indicates that the unknown hacker continues to be in control of Cryptopia’s Ethereum wallets and their private keys. The firm also noted that some customers continue to deposit ether into those wallets, even after the hacker has drained them. The post noted that most of those deposits are coming from known mining pools, which suggests that they could be automatic reward payments.

Elementus noted that mining pools with concerns about their Cryptopia wallets can contact the firm by email.

The police investigation of the January 14 hack is ongoing, and authorities last week reported that they were making “good progress” in their efforts to track down the hacker and locate the stolen funds.


Author: Ken Chase

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