Falcon Private Bank Expands Crypto Offerings for Clients

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Swiss-based Falcon Private Bank announced today that it is expanding its current blockchain asset management services to provide its customers access to three additional cryptocurrencies. The bank made news in July when it began offering its clients the ability to use their bank cash holdings to buy and hold Bitcoin in their bank portfolios. Next week, that service will expand to provide those clients with access to Litecoin, Ether, and Bitcoin Cash as well.

In a media release announcing the plans, the bank said that the move “proves Falcon's agility and underlines its strategic repositioning, which focuses on shaping a unique experience, empowered by individual excellence and world-class digital intelligence.” Falcon’s customers will now be able to further diversify their portfolios, even as they continue to enjoy the other benefits the bank provides.

Falcon’s Arthur Vayloyan noted that the bank’s expansion of crypto services was a direct response to the positive feedback it has received since launching its Bitcoin asset management service last month:

"We are pleased to add Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash to our services just a month after introducing blockchain asset management solutions with Bitcoin. The first reactions to our Bitcoin services have been very encouraging and we are convinced that by adding three new blockchain assets we will fulfil our clients' future needs."

Author: Ken Chase

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