Fidelity Adding Customer Crypto Holdings Info to Website



Fidelity Investments CEO Abigail Johnson has made no secret of her love of technology, and she’s certainly not shy about expressing her appreciation for Bitcoin, the blockchain, and other aspects of the digital currency universe. In a speech to the attendees of the Consensus 2017 conference on Tuesday, she doubled down on that support for digital currency technology, and announced that Fidelity will soon provide its customers with the ability to track their cryptocurrency holdings on the Fidelity website.

The company Johnson leads has been actively supporting blockchain solutions provider Axoni, has built micro-transaction proofs of concepts, and even experimented with allowing its employees to use Bitcoin for transactions in the firm’s cafeteria. Her speech revealed that the company has also been providing its customers with the option of making Bitcoin contributions to charitable accounts – an idea that has yielded $8 million in Bitcoin contributions since its inception.

According to a Fidelity representative, the new cryptocurrency tracking option for the company’s website could be launched as early as this quarter. The company is already running trials with Fidelity employees, with a solution that integrates information from the Coinbase exchange. When the feature goes live for all Fidelity customers in the coming months, Fidelity will be joining an elite group of financial firms offering that functionality.

In addition to that exciting announcement and her evangelism for Bitcoin and the blockchain, Johnson also spent at least part of her speech calling upon the gathered members of the cryptocurrency community to continue to strive to improve the technology and apply it to solutions that can improve human lives. For her part, Fidelity’s leader remains optimistic about the technology’s potential for changing the world:

“I am still a believer. It’s no accident that I’m one of the few standing before you today from a large financial services firm that hasn’t given up on digital currencies.”

Author: Ken Chase

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