Fortune’s ’40 Under 40’ List for 2018 Once Again Includes Crypto Stars




Fortune has released its 2018 “40 Under 40” list, which the company describes as its "list of the most influential young people in business." For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, however, the most interesting thing about this year's list is that it includes several well-known crypto personalities.

Not surprisingly, 35-year-old Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong made the list. His company has made regular news in the last year, as it has endeavored to improve customer service while investing in new companies and product offerings. Meanwhile, Coinbase has opened new offices, added new crypto listings to its exchange, and even formed its own political action committee. Armstrong was ranked 20th on the list.

24-year-old Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin made the list again as well, coming in at number 22 on the list. Fortune suggested that his network “caught a lucky break this year when the SEC said it would not regulate Ether, the network’s native coin, as a security.”

The 24th spot on the list belonged to the co-CEOs of Robinhood, 31-year-old Vlad Tenev and 33-year-old Baiji Bhatt. The company's zero-fee digital currency trading app has grown in value and popularity since its launch earlier in the year, and Robinhood is reportedly now valued at $5.6 billion.

33-year-old Telegram creator Pavel Durov also made the list, earning the 25th spot. Durov’s popular encrypted chat app has come under fire in his home country of Russia, where the government claims that it “facilitates insurrection.” In spite of that controversy, his company has pressed on with its plans for the Telegram Open Network.

Author: Ken Chase

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