GameCredits Announces Get the Gun Tournament & Prizes



LA-based GameCredits recently told DCEBrief about its upcoming Get the Gun tournament, which is scheduled to begin at 9:00 PM GMT on January 27, 2017 – with a second tournament to be held on the following day beginning at 12:00 pm GMT. The staggered times are designed to ensure that players throughout the world have the best opportunity to participate in one of the tourney events. The tournament will be accompanied by a Prize Pool that is being jointly-sponsored by Datcroft Games and GameCredits Inc.

Get the Gun is already familiar to many gamers. It’s won awards and recognition throughout the gaming community, and is available as a mobile and PC offering. It’s also popular throughout the world, with hundreds of thousands of registered players. The game has also been beta-testing the GameCredits payment gateway as it awaits public release.

Players who want to join the tournament fun and try their hand at winning valuable prizes can find the Get the Gun app available for download on Google Play. Alternatively, PC players can go to the game’s website and download a client copy of the game. After the download, players can simply register for a free account and then log into that account when the tournament begins to properly register to take part in the event at its scheduled time. Depending upon the number of players who participate, the Get the Gun tournaments are expected to run from two to four hours in length.

Prizes for the event will include a total pool of 5000 GAME, with the prizes for each of the two tournaments split at 2500 GAME each. GameCredits will be using its social media to announce winners, which will be made up of the top ten players in each tournament.

According to GameCredits’ announcement:

“We hope this tournament is the first of many that we will host in the future. Once the GameCredits store launches in early Q2, live tournaments will be a large promotional aspect of our marketing and outreach campaign to gamers across the world.”

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