GameCredits Announces GShare 0.8.3 Desktop Application

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GameCredits has announced the introduction of a new desktop application that it is calling GShare. The company, which focuses on servicing the global gaming community, announced the news in a post on Medium.

According to reports, the application is a redesigned version of an existing “signature application” that allowed its users to use GPU and CPU power to earn digital currency.

The new GShare application will still enable those users to earn cryptocurrency by using their GPU and CPU. The application will then exchange those cryptocurrency coins for GameCredits, which can then be used by the customer to purchase various PC games.

Purchases can be made directly from the application, ensuring that the entire process is as seamless as possible.

The company has announced a number of changes with its latest version of the app, GShare 0.8.3. including the new name and logo. Additional effects and information have been added to the game store, as well as several popular games like Killing Floor 2 and Overwatch.

There have also been improvements to the user interface, and several key bug fixes designed to improve the overall user experience.

Author: Ken Chase

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