GameCredits to Launch Platform and Store


GameCredits recently announced that it will be launching its new GameCredits Mobile Platform and Mobile Store in April, 2017. The new platform and mobile application is expected to launch with a wide array of new games, and the company is anticipating that the platform will host hundreds of additional games by the end of the second quarter of this year. The GameCredits platform will break new ground in its use of digital currency for mobile gaming. In remarks to DCEBrief, GameCredits Inc. CMO Jon Comer said,

"We are excited to announce the GameCredits mobile store and platform. With over 150 developers and 300 games signed on for the initial launch, this platform will be the first to allow mobile gamers the ability to purchase with cryptocurrency and the first to allow mobile game developers to be paid in cryptocurrency."

After the platform and store launch, the downloadable app will enable gamers to use their phones and tablets to access any game on the platform. They’ll also be able to use their GameCredits to purchase games and in-game items, qualify for developer discounts, and compete for prizes in tournaments. The mobile platform is offering a contrast to game options like Apple Store and Google Play by eliminating high commission fees and reducing payout times. While other gaming platforms delay payouts for as long as two months, the GameCredits payouts are expected to happen in only a few days.

GameCredits had announced a partnership with game developer Datcroft Games Ltd two months ago, in a move that Datcroft CEO Sergey Sholom referred to as a “turning point in both the crypto- and gaming industries.” When asked about this latest announcement, Sholom said, "The GameCredits mobile gaming platform is the result of two years and 7-digits USD investment in development. We look forward to finally bridging the gap between crypto and a mainstream consumer based of gamers."

Author: Ken Chase

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