Gemini Announces Integration with TradingView Platform






Gemini today announced that it has integrated its services with the popular TradingView platform. According to the company, its institutional customers will now be able to directly trade or invest using the TradingView trading interface.

The February 4 announcement highlighted the benefits for Gemini customers:

You can now use TradingView's enhanced charting and screening tools, watchlists, and social features to facilitate your trading strategies and order execution, while maintaining the safety and security of trading on our exchange. Gemini is currently the only crypto exchange integrated with TradingView.

Gemini has also provided step-by-step instructions to help its clients connect their Gemini accounts to TradingView.

TradingView was launched in 2011, and has since become a major social network for retail investors. The company’s services offer online analytics and charting, as well as a trading platform that provides communication options for its users. Like Gemini, TradingView has been aggressively expanding in recent years.

Author: Ken Chase

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