Greek Council of State Upholds Justice Minister’s Decision on Vinnik Extradition






Alleged Bitcoin fraudster Alexander Vinnik’s attempt to annul a recent extradition order has failed, according to the Greek Reporter. The Greek Council of State has ruled that Minister of Justice Constantinos Tsiaras has the authority and discretion to order Vinnik’s extradition to France.

In addition, the Council ruled that Triaras has the power to determine which countries’ extradition claims have priority. The Minister had previously announced that France would have the first claim of extradition, followed by the United States and then Vinnik’s native country, Russia. The defendant had argued that Russia’s claim should take priority.

Vinnik’s extradition case has been ongoing since 2017, after he was arrested in Greece. All three of the countries named in the order have leveled various cryptocurrency fraud charges against the defendant, including allegations that he used his digital currency platform to engage in money laundering.

At a new conference in Athens, Vinnik’s Greek attorney, Nikos Konstantopoulos, argued that the decision was “inadmissible” because it failed to provide a reason for not extraditing his client to his home country. He also noted that Greece had not filed any charges against Vinnik:

 "The United States and France demand his extradition, while in Greece he is not prosecuted. That is, the Greek judicial system puts forward illegal demands, violating human rights. Russia insists on its citizen’s return to his home country. I feel not only shame but also anger because of such behavior by our justice and state."

Author: Ken Chase

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