Greek Court Accepts New Russian Extradition Request for Accused Bitcoin Fraud Suspect



Two weeks ago, a Greek court ruled in favor of a French request to extradite Alexander Vinnik, the former Bitcoin exchange operator who has been accused of various fraudulent activities by France, the United States, and Russia. On Monday, a panel of senior judges in Thessaloniki approved a new Russian extradition request for the suspect.

The decision adds even more drama to a legal struggle that has seen Greek courts rule in favor of all three nations over the course of the previous twelve months. Vinnik, a Russian citizen, was apprehended by Greek authorities last July, based on an international warrant issued by the United States.

The U.S. has accused the 38-year-old suspect of fraud and Bitcoin money laundering amounting to roughly $4 billion. Meanwhile, French authorities have accused the BTC-e founder of defrauding more than one hundred people in France since 2016.

Vinnik reportedly remains defiant. According to the Associated Press:

In court Monday, he denied the allegations of fraud and told the panel of judges that he was committed to fighting U.S. dominance of the global financial system.

While the court’s July 13th approval of France’s extradition request was seen by some as a move that would speed Vinnik’s eventual extradition to the United States, Monday’s decision means that Greece’s justice minister will almost certainly make the final determination.

Author: Ken Chase

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