Greek High Court Upholds Ruling Supporting French Extradition Request for Alleged Bitcoin Fraudster Vinnik





The ongoing legal saga of accused Bitcoin launderer and fraudster Alexander Vinnik continued Wednesday, as Greece’s Supreme Court upheld a Thessaloniki court ruling honoring France’s extradition request. Previously, the high court has ruled in favor of extradition requests from both the United States and Russia.

Vinnik has been in custody since July 25, 2017, after Greek officials arrested him in response to a request from the United States, which accuses the former BTC-e operator of laundering billions in cryptocurrency. Vinnik, who is a Russian national, has also been accused of crimes in his home country, France, and Greece.

The accused has reportedly been engaged in a hunger strike for the last 24 days and had vowed to continue the strike unless the Supreme Court agreed to extradite him to Moscow, according to Russian news agency, Tass.

Despite this ruling, most observers expect that the final decision on Vinnik’s extradition fate will be made by the Greek Ministry of Justice.


Author: Ken Chase

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