Greek Justice Minister Reportedly Signs Order to Extradite Vinnik to France







The Associated Press has reported that Greek Justice Minister Konstantinos Tsiarashas signed an order that authorizes former BTC-e head and accused bitcoin fraudster Alexander Vinnik’s extradition to France. The order was apparently signed late this week. As the Miami Herald reports:

A Greek official told the AP that the extradition order was signed Thursday and listed France as the top priority for extradition, followed by the United States and then Russia. The official asked not to be named pending official announcements.

Vinnik, a Russian national, has repeatedly asked to be extradited to his home country. His attorney has said that they plan to appeal the justice minister’s decision to Greece’s high court.

Vinnik has been accused of various cryptocurrency-related crimes by each of the three nations seeking his extradition. This week’s ruling by the Justice Minister reinforces a Greek Supreme Court ruling from last December that prioritized the French extradition claim.

Russia’s Greek embassy formally disagreed with the decision and issued a statement:

“We regret that the fully-substantiated request made by the Russian General Prosecutor's office for the extradition of Alexander Vinnik to the country of his nationality was ignored.”

Author: Ken Chase

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