HERo Announces Launch of Membership Platform for Empowering Female Professionals and Entrepreneurs







HERo Announces Launch of Membership Platform for Empowering Female Professionals and Entrepreneurs


CHICAGO, Illinois – September 1, 2019 – HERo today announced the launch of the HERo membership platform, designed to empower female professionals, business owners, women’s groups, and others. The membership program will officially launch in September and will be open to male and female business professionals who want to expand their reach and further their careers.

The new membership platform will offer a variety of membership options, with an array of benefits to support members’ unique business needs and objectives. DNotes Global, Inc. CEO Alan Yong, who helped create the HERo project, emphasized that the goal is to provide female entrepreneurs with a powerful platform for networking, enhancing their business skills, and reaching new markets and business opportunities.

“To compete in the economy of tomorrow, women professionals and entrepreneurs will need to be fully-engaged in today’s digital marketplace,” Yong said. “HERo’s primary goal is to help women around the world more fully participate in that digital economy – to build vital business relationships, gain access to new networking opportunities, and get the skills and tools needed to compete and succeed in their business endeavors.”

According to a HERo spokesperson, the new platform will provide a basic membership as well as several upgraded membership options that offer expanded resources and benefits. The upgraded memberships will include a Service Provider membership option, as well as options for Expert members and Groups. Each option provides benefits tailored to those members’ unique needs.

Yong noted that benefits were selected to further HERo’s goal of serving as a global hub for women, women’s groups, and other organizations. “The different memberships will enable our members to take advantage of a variety of benefits, depending on their company goals,” he said. “Our objective is to ensure that the platform provides the resources, content, and connections that each member needs to achieve their business success.”

Among the benefits offered by the various membership options are: dedicated company, group, or expert pages; an opportunity to deliver content about company news and products; networking opportunities to build connections with industry experts, financial professionals, groups, and service providers; access to HERo’s editorial team to simplify content creation and have content published on the HERo website; and much more.

The team behind HERo is committed to helping to close the digital economy’s lingering gender gap, to ensure that women have the tools and resources needed to fully participate in an increasingly digital business world. As Yong has previously noted, without that full engagement, half the world’s population will be prevented from enjoying the benefits of that digital economy.

“HERo is part of a big, bold vision for female empowerment in this new digital age. Studies have found that women still suffer from low participation in important industries like technology, finance, blockchain, and virtual reality – and they remain underrepresented in leadership positions throughout the economy. Yong said.

HERo’s membership platform is designed to play an important role in closing that gender gap by providing women – and men who participate in the site – with access to the resources, information, tools, and inspiration they need to start and grow their companies or advance their professional careers.

Yong said, “We now have a tremendous opportunity to empower the world’s women and help them become the business HERoes they were always means to be! At HERo, we believe that every woman in the world has the talent and right to dream big and achieve those dreams. We intend to be here to empower them as they make that journey.”





About HERo and Alan Yong:

DNotes co-founder Alan Yong is a well-regarded visionary who established Dauphin Technology in 1988. He is the author of the book “Improve Your Odds: The Four Pillars of Business Success and is well-regarded as a “thought leader” in the cryptocurrency industry.


HERo is a global hub for female entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to develop new skills, expand their networking, reach new audiences, and offer their expertise to likeminded businesspeople around the world. The HERo membership platform is designed to provide resources, connections, and benefits to help facilitate those goals.


Visit the HERo website here: https://nextgenhero.io/

 To view the DNotes white paper, please visit: https://dnotesglobal.com/white-paper/


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