iOS 10 Update Introduces Blockchain Payments via Circle

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Blockchain payment company Circle have just announced that with the release of the new iOS 10 software, Apple’s mobile operating system found in all their latest iPhones and iPads, their easy to use instant payment system that allows funds in several currencies, including Bitcoin, will be integrated into the iOS 10 message service, iMessage. Given the sheer popularity of not just Apple’s products, but iMessage as a communication tool, it is often cited as the worlds most used app, this represents an opportunity for the digital currency industry.

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The regular updates of Apples mobile operating system, iOS, usually attracts many headlines, with shiny new features or disaster when upgrading, the tech industry finds much to discuss. But for the latest update to iOS 10, there is something much more interesting to discuss, and it involved the upgraded iMessage app that is integral with the operating system.

Circle’s service has, since the update, been integrated within iMessage, the communication app that is often labelled as the most used app in the world. This means that the blockchain based payment system is easily accessible to a vastly increased audience, and remains at the cutting edge of the new payment methodology that is still at its early stages, but likely to become more popular as governments and large corporations push towards a more cashless society.

The Circle payment system becomes accessible directly through new icons built into iMessage, and offers simple, instant payments to other Circle users. Payments can be made in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds and Bitcoin, providing a global service that covers not just the main fiat currencies, but also an easy way to send bitcoins.

The last part is crucial for the digital currency industry, this is a platform that has huge market share, especially in America, and having every single device running the new software, literally millions of people, having a way of receiving Bitcoins, possibly for the first time ever, right in their pockets, offers perhaps the biggest opportunity for growing awareness and user base we have yet seen.

This growth from what was often described in 2009 as a niche tech ‘hobby’ to being able to integrate Bitcoin payments into the premiere product of the world’s largest brand is, when you stop and think about it, pretty astonishing. Taking advantage of this opportunity could see a huge rise both in Bitcoin users and the understanding and awareness of digital currency in general.

Author: Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore is a writer and researcher with a love for the eclectic, family and the world we inhabit. He spends his spare time photographing the varied wildlife that surrounds us daily and contemplating why Firefly never made it past season one.

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