Italian Red Cross Sets New BTC Fundraising Goal for Covd-19 Emergency Ops




After successfully completing a bitcoin fundraising effort to finance a pre-triage post to aid in the fight against Covid-19, the Italian Red Cross has now set a new fundraising goal. This time, the charity is seeking roughly $26,000 in donations to fund its purchase of vital equipment for its coronavirus battle.

In its project update on Helperbit, the Red Cross thanked donors for their generosity before announcing that the campaign has been reopened with a new goal:

But we don't stop here, we reopen the fundraising campaign with a new goal: to complete the AMP core structure with the accessories necessary for emergency operations, such as a DefiMonitor (a defibrillator with vital signs monitor).

Italy has been especially hard-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, with tens of thousands of confirmed cases and more than two thousand fatalities. Worse, the country has struggled to contain the virus’ spread, even as it reports one of the highest coronavirus fatality rates in the world.

At press time, the updated campaign has already received more than $20,000 in donations, or 80 percent of its target goal.

Author: Ken Chase

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