Italian Red Cross Turns to Bitcoin Donations to Fund Pre-Triage Medical Post




The Italian Red Cross recently completed a Bitcoin donation campaign designed to raise money for a new pre-triage advanced medical post to help in the battle against the coronavirus. The Red Cross set up the campaign in partnership with the Colli Albani Committee, using the Helperbit donation platform for natural disaster management.

The Italian Red Cross | Colli Albani Committee is asking for Bitcoin donations (and other cryptocurrencies) to purchase and set-up a Second Level Advanced Medical Post for pre-triage of COVID-19 cases.

The initial campaign goal was set at 10,000 euros and designed to provide funds to purchase the medical equipment for the post. According to the campaign announcement, any additional funds provided will go toward ensuring that medical staff receive the protective equipment they need to stay safe while treating the infected.

Donors were encouraged to contribute bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to the cause. The campaign, which was launched on March 12, was officially closed today after donors exceeded the requested funding. 24 donors contributed to the campaign, providing a total of US $15,079. One anonymous donor contributed $14131.51.

The campaign announcement thanked donors for their support and noted that it would be reopening the fundraising with another target goal soon.



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