More than Just a Game: How GameCredits Can Benefit the Emerging Relationship between Gaming and Cryptocurrency


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Until recently, the online gaming universe has had little to do with digital currency. That has been changing, however, as gaming platforms have started to give cryptocurrency serious consideration and companies like Apple have approved games that offer players Bitcoin rewards for playing. Most of those early ventures have relied on incorporating Bitcoin in their payment or reward schemes, and have focused on the transaction convenience that well-known currency provides. GameCredits is taking a different approach, as it launches a gaming platform that fully integrates its own digital currency for all user transactions. 

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By now, most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are aware of the emerging relationship between cryptocurrency and the gaming industry. From the launch of the Leetcoin platform last year and G2A’s recent announcement that it would begin to accept Bitcoin payments on its game site to the Bitcoin-focused gaming apps that continue to receive approval from Apple’s app store, the gaming world continues to take note of the Digital currency phenomenon.

Still, there has been a relatively common theme running through that developing relationship: the focus is almost always on Bitcoin, and that currency is typically just one of several transaction options. To date, the idea of building a gaming platform with its own currency just hasn’t received much serious attention, despite the obvious advantages that such a platform could provide to the digital currency universe as a whole.

Enter GameCredits, with a new gaming platform that is built around the GMC cryptocurrency, a new web wallet for GMC holders, and a brand new shiny racing game that offers the currency as prizes for racers who place at or near the top of the platform’s promotional tournament. The game is called GrandPrix, and it allows players to race one another and receive prizes that range from the 15,000-GMC grand prize provided to the first place winner to the 1,000 GMC prize given to the third-place finisher.

That’s exciting news for gaming enthusiasts, of course, but it pales in comparison to what this venture actually represents for both the gaming industry and the cryptocurrency universe. While we touched on some of the benefits that both industries could enjoy as a result of the GameCredits platform launch in this last weekend’s digital currency recap, they’re important enough to warrant a second look.

For Game Developers

Game developers often face major challenges when it comes to gaining the exposure they need to give their new games a chance at success in the marketplace. The gaming industry is a relatively crowded place, and the odds of having any new game break out of that crowd are slimmer than most people realize. For every Angry Birds that soars to the top of the popularity charts there are an untold number of equally promising games that fade into obscurity almost as quickly as they are developed. Often times, small companies and independent game creators simply lack the resources they need to execute the sort of large marketing campaign that has traditionally been necessary for large-scale commercial success.

GameCredits can provide those developers with the platform they need to bring their games to the type of audience that can help with that marketing effort. Let’s face it: the digital currency community is, despite its frequent disagreements, a relatively close-knit family of disparate souls. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts routinely share news about the industry, newly-discovered apps and products, and pretty much anything else that catches their interest with just about anyone who will listen.

For small developers who want to ensure that their games are gaining traction, there are few better options than being hosted on a platform frequented by enthusiastic human megaphones. Digital currency fans know what they like when they see it, and they seldom hesitate to broadcast those opinions to others. We share our passions, and that can provide the type of large-scale messaging delivery that any small company needs to give it a real chance for success.

For Digital Currency

Most crypto enthusiasts understand that the battle for digital currency acceptance is not going to be won overnight. This isn’t something that can be achieved by simply turning on a switch and somehow converting the world to a cryptocurrency mindset. Instead, the quest for cryptocurrency acceptance is a story that will be told one word and one page at a time. One of the most important plot lines in that unfolding story will be how new audiences are introduced to these new currencies in a real-world setting.

Online gaming is a huge environment, with many millions of people of all ages and nationalities regularly playing one game or another. The benefits that can be realized from exposing those players to the wonders of digital currency simply cannot be overstated. And while many gamers are already familiar with some types of in-game currencies – take Star Wars the Old Republic, for example, which offers players the option of buying something called Cartel Coins that can be used to purchase special items within the game – few have had the opportunity to use an in-game currency that is as well-developed as what GameCredits has envisioned.

It is true that users will start out by purchasing GameCredits with other currencies – at present, Bitcoin and PayPal are both going to be available as payment options, but once that purchase is made the acquired GMC are all that a player needs to enjoy the platform hub. And unlike most games that allow you to purchase some form of in-game currency that is limited to just that particular game, GameCredits can be used inside any hosted game! Even more exciting is the fact that players will have opportunities to earn GMC as they play. That’s a dramatic improvement over most in-game currencies in use today.

That more comprehensive approach to in-game currency is so revolutionary that it cannot help but cause many gamers to take a fresh look at all that digital currency can actually accomplish. This could be the first time that many of these players have an opportunity to come into contact with a digital currency in an actual setting where they can make real use of it. GameCredits deserves recognition for its efforts to ensure that those players’ first exposure to cryptocurrency is provided in a way that minimizes restrictions while maximizing actual usability.

Obviously, even this new approach to gaming is not going to be some magical silver bullet that ends all resistance to broader digital currency adoptions. The GameCredits platform does, however, offer the promise that some of that resistance can be overcome as more people experience the benefits of using cryptocurrency inside this new gaming environment.

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