Nasdaq Hosts Meeting to Help Crypto Gain Greater Legitimacy




Nasdaq reportedly hosted a meeting in Chicago several days ago to facilitate efforts to bring new legitimacy to the cryptocurrency industry. The closed-door gathering brought together representatives from Wall Street and cryptocurrency exchanges, including the Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini exchange. Nasdaq has acknowledged that the meeting took place but provided no other official statement on the gathering.

Citing an unnamed source, Bloomberg reported that the meeting’s purpose was to “encourage the industry to do things that will improve its image and validate its potential role in global markets. Attendees discussed issues related to future crypto regulations, including the tools and surveillance needed for regulatory compliance.

Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman has openly called for regulation of the crypto space and the company is currently working with several cryptocurrency exchanges on issues like market surveillance. Nasdaq has revealed that it is already providing technology solutions for Gemini, SBI Virtual Currencies, and three other unidentified crypto exchanges.

Bloomberg’s source reportedly confirmed that there will be similar meetings in the future and a continuing dialogue among those who attended this week’s gathering.

Author: Ken Chase

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