New Opportunities for Bitcoin Coders in New York Thanks to IBM

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IBM has invested significantly in the potential of blockchain, opening research operations around the world, and now a new one has just been announced for Soho, New York. Offering both a workshop for blockchain coders and a venue for consultancy services regarding cryptocurrency technology, this new location provides IBM another facility to further research into the possibilities of using blockchain with their cloud computing systems to improve both performance and security.

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IBM has made a few recent announcements about the cryptocurrency industry, a new research center in Singapore being one of the main ones, however they have repeated that idea in a new announcement of a facility they are opening in Soho, New York. While not on the scale of the huge center opened in Singapore, this new facility brings blockchain to an area better known for its high value boutique shopping and art galleries than it is for technological innovation.

Dubbed ‘Bluemix Garages’, IBM have several of these small centers in various locations, but this is the first one announced that will focus on blockchain development. It's part of a broader push from IBM to grow into the cryptocurrency industry and expand its engineering and coding talent relating to blockchain itself.

The new Soho center provides a physical workshopping destination for blockchain professionals to come together, and also offers a dedicated venue for IBM’s own technology consulting services. The focus of blockchain implementation through these venues is the application of blockchain ideas to IBM’s cloud computing platform, Bluemix. It is clear with such investment and commitment, that IBM in particular see blockchain as a key component of future cloud computing use, and this is echoed across the industry with Amazon carrying out similar investment themselves.

For the digital currency industry this is providing not only more opportunities for coders and innovators, but is giving the industry a central position in what many see as the future of our interaction with technology itself. Many view cloud computing as the way forward for almost all major applications of computing technology, both content delivery and data usage for business and leisure. Having blockchain as a central component of that structure would place the cryptocurrency industry in an extremely powerful position and significantly alter the image of blockchain and digital currencies to the wider audience.

Author: Thomas Moore

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