Report: Russian Duma May Delay Cryptocurrency Law Until Fall






Russia’s State Duma may be unable to pass the “On Digital Financial Assets” (DFA) cryptocurrency legislation until its autumn session, Russian media outlet TASS reported today. According to State Duma Committee on Financial Markets head Anatoly Aksakov, lawmakers have yet to reach agreement on the central question of how Russian law will treat cryptocurrencies.

Aksakov confirmed that the parliament has nearly concluded its work on crowdfunding legislation, but remains divided over the legal status of digital assets:

"The law on the Central Federal Agency should decide whether we will prohibit cryptocurrencies as an exchange tool in Russian legislation. That is, there will be no exchange points, exchanges that will work with cryptocurrencies. And we have not come to an agreed position here yet. What is a cryptocurrency. Then there is a fork: we prohibit in Russia to organize the infrastructure for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, or allow it.”

Aksakov did suggest, however, that Russian citizens would still be able to purchase cryptocurrency through foreign sites, even if the DFA includes the ban that some lawmakers apparently prefer. He also predicted that the crowdfunding bill could be ready for passage during the Duma’s spring session.



Author: Ken Chase

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