Should Universities Offer Degrees in Digital Currency?

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When we look at social media and marketing, we see two heavy aspects of business that have come quite far. We now hire employees specifically to work in these fields, and schools offer degrees in both. While they're both still fairly new, they've come a long way and helped business develop to the point that they're now considered "necessary."

The same can be said for digital currency. With more platforms accepting things like bitcoin everyday, digital currency has skyrocketed in the last six years, and evidence suggests cryptocurrency will be the primary form of payment in the future. So is it time for schools to view bitcoin and related altcoins in the same light as social media? Has the time come to plan for the future and offer degrees in the digital currency field to offer students appropriate training for the jobs and changes they're likely to see down the line?

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The quick and easy answer is “yes.” Digital currency is a growing trend that’s likely to increase over time and make even larger marks on our financial sector with every year that passes. When we look at things like social media and marketing, two aspects of business that are still fairly new, it’s interesting to see how many educational institutions now offer diplomas in both subjects, something they lacked just ten or 20 years ago.

While Facebook has its roots in 2003, it didn’t earn its present reputation until much later, and several other platforms (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) followed long after. However, within several years of heavy usage and integration among individuals, businesses became privy to the fact that social media had a lot to offer both customers and managers alike. It suddenly became apparent that social media was not just a fun tool; it was “necessary.” Several companies now hire for social media specialists and similar positions, and several high-ranking schools are offering degrees in the subject. Just think… Students once attended Harvard to learn about medicine or because they wanted to practice law. Now you can enroll and learn how to “tweet.”

The same goes for marketing. Over the past twenty years, marketing has become an entity practically separate from business; an entirely new field that requires separate skills, a separate background and a separate mindset. Originally, one went to school to earn a business degree, and given their circumstances and abilities, were later placed in a marketing position depending on what their employer was looking for or needed at the time. Now, students can attend school to specifically learn marketing tactics, and ultimately earn a degree in the field.

Marketing and social media are two trends that have changed and expanded over time. Thusly schools, businesses and other institutions see them differently, and offer different approaches to both. The same can and should be done for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and its digital cousins have come a long way over the last six years. We now have stores, restaurants and online sales platforms accepting bitcoin as a method of payment, while other entities, as a result, are trying to regulate it. Digital currency is no longer looked at as a simple commodity. It is developing its status as true money. The world of business and finance is adapting to accommodate cryptocurrency, and it’s likely that bitcoin and related altcoins will become the primary payment methods of the future.

With that in mind, it only seems right that schools would approach digital currency in the same way they’ve approached social media. It’s important to offer students the chance to learn not only about their financial futures, but what to do in order to handle the growing changes that are always coming along. Offering classes and degrees in digital currency will ready our students for the jobs they’re likely to work in 20 or 30 years, and in so doing they will not only build our economy, but diversify our education system beyond anything we ever saw possible.

Author: Nick Marinoff

Nick Marinoff is a freelance author, writer and journalist. His first book, "Take a 'Loan' Off Your Shoulders: 14 Simple Tricks for Graduating Debt Free" is now available on He is currently a lead content writer and news editor for Money & Tech, and is a regular contributor to both NewsBTC and Other publications include Black Impact Magazine, and The Loan Gurus, to name a few. He is a proud graduate of FHSU in Hays, KS.

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