Sony Creates Blockchain Platform for Student Data



Sony Global Education and Sony Corporation have partnered with IBM to create a new cloud platform that will allow student records and other educational data to be securely stored and exchanged. The platform utilizes the Hyperledger Fabric 1.0-powered IBM Blockchain and IBM Cloud to provide safe storage for consolidating records and storing “digital transcripts” in a safe environment. Sony expects to release the new platform in 2018.

According to a press release published on IBM’s website, the new system will provide school administrators with a variety of new digital capabilities. Those schools can use the system to share data, create and implement new teaching methods, and more effectively manage digital transcripts. Those digital transcripts have been designed to be compatible with a wide range of educational information systems.

Sony’s system will also help to facilitate secure information disclosure, protecting student data from hackers. In addition, the digital transcripts stored on the new platform can be taken with students when they transfer to other schools or complete their education and head into the workforce. The company has indicated that it has plans to develop other blockchain-based educational products in the future.

In a statement, Sony Global Education President Masaaki Isozu noted,

“Blockchain technology has the potential to impact systems in a wide variety of industries, and the educational sphere is no exception when educational data is securely stored on the blockchain and shared among permissioned users. We are pleased that we have worked together with IBM to build a new system which can help effect real change in the education sector.”

Author: Ken Chase

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