Starling Bank Founder to Launch Ziglu Digital Bank in 2020







Starling Bank co-founder and former CTO Mark Hipperson reportedly plans to launch his new digital bank this year, enabling customers to “transfer funds between fiat money and cryptocurrencies,” Fintech Futures reports. The new bank is called Ziglu and will initially limit its services to customers in the UK.

Hipperson founded Ziglu in the fall of 2018, and outlined his plans for an eventual full launch:

On full launch, shortly, Ziglu will offer a 'world first' set of unique services. We will enable you to buy, sell and hold digital and traditional currencies giving you the best price every time as we’ve integrated to multiple exchanges, both FX and crypto.


Additionally, we will provide:

+ Full UK current account functionality (with your own sort code, account number and IBAN).

+ Payments in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

+ FX at interbank rates.

+ Instant free payments to other Ziglu users.

+ A debit card enabling you to spend any currency anywhere.

+ Everything safe and secure with military-grade security.

According to Fintech Futures, Hipperson’s company has applied to be recognized by the Financial Conduct Authority as an authorized issuer of electronic money. The bank’s website boasts that its service “breaks all the currency barriers – geographic and technological – and puts you fully in control of your money whatever you want to do with it.”

Author: Ken Chase

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