Study Suggests 57% of Large Corporations Considering Blockchain

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A recent study from researchers at the UK firm Juniper Research suggests that nearly six of every ten large companies could be adopting blockchain technology sometime in the next several years. The study also revealed that two-thirds of survey respondents believe that blockchain technology will be incorporated into their business systems before the end of next year.

In its report on the survey findings, CNBC notes that the survey pool included only those companies with 20,000 employees or more. Even so, the results indicate a growing awareness of the emerging technology, which the report attributes to a “surge in R&D (research and development) both internally and in partnership with third parties, with a recognition that blockchain has the potential to be deployed in a variety of use cases."

That report also focused attention on the challenges that many companies may face as they try to integrate the new technology into their existing systems. Juniper’s research suggests that companies aren’t always considering those challenges, and many fail to recognize just how complex the process can be. According to the survey, companies in the process of adopting blockchain solutions often tend to become more concerned about these challenges over time.

However, the move toward greater awareness and appreciation for blockchain technology seems to be accelerating, and many experts appear to welcome the trend. In an email to CNBC, Juniper blockchain specialist Windsor Holden expressed sentiments shared by many in the blockchain industry:

"For financial technology (fintech) start-ups in the blockchain space, this can only be good news, since it demonstrates the high level of demand within an enterprise space that is increasingly well-informed about blockchain."

Author: Ken Chase

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