Swisscom Announces Blockchain-Powered Digital Art Gallery for Swisscom TV





Swiss telecom firm Swisscom has announced that dloop’s NOOW app will be available on Swisscom TV, enabling users to access digital artwork from selected artists, according to a press release on the company’s website. The app uses blockchain technology to protect art buyers’ ownership rights, while guaranteeing payments for content creators.

Ongoing digitization throughout the marketplace has created new challenges for artists. As the press release notes:

Screens are increasingly used for digital art in hotels, restaurants, offices and private spaces. Changing sequences or animations create a unique ambience – a moving form of art. Yet a lack of copy protection systems and distribution platforms means that these works are often used illegally. The young Swiss company dloop has changed this by launching a platform that allows art to be distributed and financed simultaneously.

Swisscom TV users will be able to use the NOOW app to purchase certified digital copies of selected artworks, choosing from some 100 pieces by 30 different artists. Tom Rieder, dloop’s CEO, suggested that Swisscom TV is among the first companies to provide access to digital art on users’ television screens, and expressed his company’s delight at having Swisscom “on board for this courageous project.”

NOOW users who purchase a piece of artwork through the system will receive their own blockchain-based certificates of authenticity, as well as information about the number of copies in existence. Meanwhile, the system will provide artists with updated details about the number of copies of their artwork that have been distributed.

Basel artist Jonas Baumann praised the new system’s potential benefits for content creators:

“NOOW helps me to bring art to the screen. It also offers new creative opportunities to experiment with animated images and offer them to a wider audience.”

Content curator Stefanie Marlene Wenger, who selected the initial art pieces for the Swisscom TV debut, suggested that this is just the beginning of an even more ambitious effort to bring art to customers’ living rooms:

“This is about more than creating a virtual gallery; the next step will be to include curated exhibitions on the platform and a close collaboration with galleries.”

Author: Ken Chase

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