Calling Out Vaporware in Cryptocurrency and ICOs

Calling Out Vaporware in Cryptocurrency and ICOs

ICOs have been rightly criticized for being susceptible to scams, but a little basic due diligence can help any investor avoid potential trouble. And make no mistake; that due diligence is an absolute necessity, given recent history. After all, some cryptocurrencies have raised unbelievable amounts of money without ever producing a real product – just empty promises.

Vaporware is software or hardware that is announced publicly and actively promoted, even though it does not exist. Studies have shown that 81% of all ICOs have turned out to be scams, which highlights the lack of due diligence from investors who bought into these projects. The most striking factor in all of this is that even though an ICO turns out to be a failure or scam, the team behind it always walks away with money.

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