Risk Assessment – Cryptocurrency’s Vulnerability to Nuclear War

Risk Assessment – Cryptocurrency’s Vulnerability to Nuclear War

Based on the findings of leading news outlets that have historically acted as an early warning mechanism for the public, global nuclear tensions appear to be at an all-time high and people are woefully underprepared. All-out nuclear war would instantly set civilization back 100 years. The initial blasts could kill billions. Those who survived would face food shortages, famine, infertile crops, and billions of tons of dusty smoke that would block out the sun. When coupled with an irradiated, uninhabitable environment, this recipe for chaos will all but entirely halt productivity. No productivity means no goods are produced, eliminating the need for any currency, let alone a digital one. The systems that support society would crumble, leaving only the arduous task of rebuilding while simultaneously tending to victims and trying to provide basic survival for oneself.

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