Op-Ed: As Canada’s Government Falters, Will Cryptocurrency Gain Ground?

Op-Ed: As Canada’s Government Falters, Will Cryptocurrency Gain Ground?

Canada’s government is failing the people. According to www.debtclock.ca the Canadian Government is in debt to taxpayers to the tune of 657 billion dollars. This begs the question: how can they still pay the people after they have already liquidated the rest of their gold reserves? They seem single-mindedly intent on seeing how long they can run deficits before taxpayers notice. Canada’s treasuries are empty, yet the government continues to pay workers in the unbacked currency. Unbeknownst to most taxpayers, they are willingly handing over their labor and selling their products for a currency that is essentially worthless.

How long this charade can go on is anyone’s guess, but the clock is ticking; it’s time for cryptocurrencies to start making headway in Canada and for the people of Canada to get prepared for what’s about to come. Irrespective of party in power or leader, if the Canadian Government pushes their luck much further they will find themselves on the receiving end of a mass uprising, as even the docile, meek, and timid, become fearlessly enraged.

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