CRISP and Its Role in the Broader DNotes Ecosystem

CRISP and Its Role in the Broader DNotes Ecosystem

One of the things that makes DNotes truly unique in an industry packed with rival digital currencies is the fact that the DNotes currency doesn’t exist within a vacuum. Instead, it exists within an entire ecosystem of products and services designed to support and facilitate its overall mission. The components of that ecosystem were all specifically created to further DNotes’ goal of achieving mass acceptance and adoption, while simultaneously providing invaluable services to the industry and public. Our innovative CRISP offerings are a perfect example of how that works.

As a core component of the DNotes ecosystem, CRISP is strategically linked to that system and was created to help us achieve DNotes’ ultimate objective: becoming an inclusive digital currency in global commerce, for the benefit of everyone. In this article, I will explain how CRISP fits into the DNotes and DNotes Global model in a way that benefits everyone on the network.

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