How Payment Disintermediation Can Substantially Boost Consumer Spending

How Payment Disintermediation Can Substantially Boost Consumer Spending

For many years intermediaries have found a way to wedge themselves between consumers and merchants, profiting from both sides and making transactions below a certain dollar value all but impossible. Thanks to the internet, the world we know is changing very rapidly, and increased competitiveness in the payments sector is providing people with options that never existed before. The increased competition from small business and startups is creating the beginning of a fee-slashing snowball effect and putting more money in the pockets of consumers. And as consumers gain access to income that would otherwise be allocated to pay for financial services, businesses will immediately enjoy revenue increases and widening margins as their payment processing fees are all but eliminated overnight. With this extra money at their disposal, they can more effectively for expand the business, provide better products, and ensure that customers get even more value for their dollars.

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